Endless Pools for Fitness

The Endless Pool is a custom built pool with a self contained unit generating a current which users can swim against. Because of its modular design it can be installed indoors or outdoors in existing spaces, a water depth of up to 5' with width and length decided by you.

Keep Healthy and Challenge Yourself

The Endless Pool will challenge all levels of swimmers and is used by the world's top level swimming coaches. It is like swimming in open water but with no turns, no shared lanes. And by eliminating turns you get a much better understanding of your endurance in open water.

Endless Fitness Pool Installers in Suffolk Essex and Norfolk

The Endless propulsion system is designed to be wider than your body and deeper than your stroke in order to create a smooth and consistent river type of current for you to swim against. This is why triathlon coaches have installed and recommend Endless training pools, because Endless pools are proven to improve personal bests. It even has dual propulsion to challenge two swimmers together! Endless systems can be installed in new or existing pools, indoors or outdoors.

If your priority is swimming training, then an option for you is the Fastlane Pool. The FastLane Pool option is perfect when mobility of the pool is important. Perfect for kids and athletes alike, the Fastlane Pool offers a space friendly and hassle free option at an affordable price. Or if you already have a pool, you can install the Endless Fastlane propulsion system which will transform your pool experience.

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Endless Pools

  • Improve performance
  • Boost stamina
  • No turning or lane changing
  • Swim for a long as you like
  • Far superior to jetted spas
  • Non-turbulent swim
  • No waves or bubbles