Moving Floor Pools

Almatron offer impressive moving pool floors to our range of installations. This stylish feature allow you to make full use of the swimming pool surface area when your pool is not in use. At the push of a button your swimming pool transforms into a useable area for a number of different uses such as parties, dining, functions , recreation or sports. Moving pool floors are a truly striking addition to your indoor or outdoor pool and are designed to make the most of your space.

Transform your Space

Moving pool floors are a fantastic and dazzling feature and will awe guests and visitors to your property. Just look at the expression on their faces when you magically change floor space to make a swimming pool appear – out of nowhere!

Enclosure Advantages

A moving pool floor is easy to use and control. It can be set to be at any (water) depth at a touch of a button. For instance you may wish to set a shallow water depth for young children to enjoy the pool safely. Or perhaps set a slightly lower level to allow for someone’s disability so the water level is exactly the right height for their particular needs. Or lower the floor completely to its lowest level to enjoy the pool with its water level at its deepest.

With the floor fully elevated, the floor is really just like any other floor. The entire area becomes totally safe and secure for adults and children to use worry free for a variety of purposes. Indoor pools can change a dance floor into a swimming pool, outdoor pools can change a swimming pool into a terrace. Moving pool floors are designed to take heavy loads of people and furniture so the possibilities are endless. Our experts can assess and suggest some of the approaches you may wish to take and will be on hand to offer expert advice at all stages of installation.

A moving pool floor can also add a great deal of value to your home. In addition to the ‘wow’ factor, swimming pools do take up a large amount of space for a facility which is often only occasionally used. Adding a floor makes your space usable for a whole host of other purposes, thus increasing its resale value, often considerably.

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